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11 October 2016

Milestone: 2,018 Villages Found!

Sometime in May after Dennis found 1,000 villages, and I was scrambling to redesign our Google map to accommodate that number, he said to me, "I think we're going to hit 2,000."

On Sunday, 9 October 2016, he sent me an email: 
"Just entered #2,000Volhynia Colonies Wladislawowka II, Vladislavovka II..."
If your ancestor was from that colony, congratulations!  You're our 2,000th customer!

And so this morning, finding another limitation of Google maps, I scrambled to slightly re-design the full map again to make sure I can bring you all 2,018 villages in one map.  Although I hope I won't be re-designing maps every six months going forward, as we always say, this is a work in progress. 

Today we have four map refreshes.

Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map (all villages):   Includes updates for Crimean and Volhynia colonies listed below.

Black Sea Colonies: Includes updates for Crimean colonies listed below.

Crimean Colonies:  Two additional colonies with alternate ancestral names.  This was a request we had from one of our readers that we were able to fulfill quickly.
Lustigtal, Pascha-Tschokmak, Pasha-Chokmak, Sary-Pasha-Chokmak, Chkmak, Hochfeld

Volhynia Colonies: Additional 88 colonies.  Alternate ancestral names included, so there will be duplicates; check the districts and coordinates to be sure you have the right one.
Adamowka, Adamovka, Adamowka, Adamovka, Adamowka, Adamovka, Alexandrowka, Alexandrovka, Aleksandrovka, Aleksandrowka, Anatolia, Pereparow-Anatolia, Pereparov-Anatolia, Bakowce, Bakovtsy, Balarka, Balary, Boremel, Bozew Kolonie, Bozev Kolonie, Bozkiewitschi, Bozkievichy, Bozkiewiczy, Bryshyche, Bresca, Ceparow, Ceparov, Chornaya Losa Kolonie, Tschornaja Losa Kolonie, Czarna Loza, Tshornaja Losa, Chorow, Khorov, Dabrowa, Dabrova, Dabrowka, Dabrovka, Demidowka, Demidovka, Edwardorf, Edvardorf, Edwardowka, Edvardovka, Edwardsdorf, Glupanin, Goncharikha, Gontscharicha, Gonczarycha, Honcharykha, Hanshricka, Groß Dorohostaye, Gross Dorohostaye, Gross Dorohostae, Gross Dorohostaje, Gross Dorogostaye, Dorogostay, Groß Zahorce, Gross Zahorce, Gross Zahoriz, Groß Zytin, Gross Zytin, Zytyn, Hajenka, Hayenka, Haenka, Holeschow, Holeshov, Holeszow, Horodischtsche, Horodishche, Gorodishche, Horodyszcze, Horodniza, Gorodnice, Horyngrod, Hubin, Gubin, Jankowce, Yankovce, Jaroslawice, Jaroslawicze, Julianowka, Yulianovka, Jwanowka, Kalinowka, Kalinovka, Kalino, Kamienna Werba, Kamienna Verba, Karolinka, Kazmierowka, Kazmierovka, Klein Zahorce, Klein Zahoriz, Kniahinin, Kopan, Koppan, Krasnopol, Krzywucha, Krzyvukha, Libanowka, Liminowka, Lipa, Lipszczyzna, Malin, Malowana, Malovana, Melevanna, Marianowka, Marianovka, Marjanowka, Michailowka, Mikhailovka, Mirotin, Mirotyn, Mirocin, Mitnica, Mytnica, Moskowschtschizna, Moskovshchizna, Moskiewszcyzna, Murawica, Muravica, Murawitz, Nesselgrund, Dziechciatnia, Diesiatina, Niwy Zloczowskie, Nowiny Dobratinski, Noviny Dobratinsky, Nowiny Dobrazynskie, Nowiny, Noviny, Ostrow, Ostrov, Ozierany, Yezierany, Jezierany, Peratin-Adamow, Peratin-Adamov, Peratyn-Adamow, Peremyl, Pietuschkow, Pietushkov, Pietuszkow, Ploschtscha-Lomanowskaja, Ploshcha-Lomanovskaya, Ploszcza Lomanowska, Podwysockie, Hohenberg, Pogorelts, Polanka, Polonka, Porozow, Porozov, Potyka, Polike, Pulganow, Pulganov, Pustomyty Kolonie, Redkoduby, Redke Duby, Redke Dubi, Retschischtsche, Rechishche, Reczyszoze, Rudetschka, Rudechka, Silanowica, Silanovica, Smyga, Smyha, Stepanowka, Stepanovka, Taikury, Tajkury, Tarnawka, Tarnavka, Teklowka, Teklovka, Tereschicowiec, Tereschkowce, Tereshicoviec, Terehkovce, Terespol, Terepol, Welnitsche, Welnicze, Velniche, Werben, Wielka Horodnica, Horodnica, Wilhelmowka, Wilhelmovka, Wladislawowka II, Vladislavovka II, Wladyslawowka II, Wolkowyje, Volkovyye, Worotniow, Vorotniov, Wydumki, Zabokrzyky Dolina, Zabokrzyki Dolina, Balarka

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