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This is a complete list of our maps and data.  As we add new maps, you'll find them here.  Also check here for the most recent updates to existing maps. For those who are very early users of the data, we're going to keep the PDF file up to date for a while longer in its current format.  We'll let you know when we plan on sunsetting it, but for now, it lives here.    

Germans from Russia Settlement Locations data (legacy PDF version) 
Germans from Russia Settlement Locations - PDF version 
This is a full list of settlements located thus far.  It includes only ancestral names, coordinates, current names and countries.  More data can be found on the map.

Map Tutorial
Map Tutorial.  Worth spending 15 minutes watching before you dig in, especially if you're unfamiliar with searching custom Google maps.

Germans from Russia Settlement Locations Map  
Germans from Russia Settlements Map (all villages)This map contains the locations of German settlements in Russia and East Central Europe that occurred beginning in 1763 and continued into the early 20th century,  It is inclusive of all German groups who uprooted from their Germanic homelands and heeded the call of Catherine the Great and her successors to colonize Russia. The goal of this project is to locate and document the latitude and longitude of every German colony settled in Russia.

German Settlements by Year Founded 
German Settlements by Year FoundedOnly about 49% of the German villages in the historical Russian and Austrian empires located so far have verified founding dates/years available. Those that are available are plotted out on this map to show how the groups of settlements grew over time.

Major Areas of German Settlement in Russia and East Central Europe
Black Sea 
The earliest Black Sea colonies were established between 1787 and 1793.  When Catherine the Great's grandson, Tsar Alexander I, issued a new manifesto in 1804 inviting Germans to colonize the newest acquisition of Russia around the Black Sea, many Germans took the Crown of Russia up on its offer.  The Black Sea Colonies are made up of several colony groups from areas around the Black Sea. 
Galizien (Galicia) is a historical geographic area in east central Europe which now straddles southeastern Poland and western Ukraine. It was formed as a result of the first partition of Poland in 1772 when it became a part of the Austrian Empire.  Within the first 30 years, at least 100 ethnic German colonies had been established in the area. 
The German immigrants that came to the Volga region were among first colonists to take up Catherine the Great on her manifesto. They came from Hesse, the Rhineland, the Palatinate and Württemberg.  They are also among the most well researched and documented group. 
Volhynia is a historical area in northwest Ukraine bordering Poland and Belarus. German immigrants to Volhynia came not at the invitation of the Russian crown but rather by the invitation of wealthy landowners.  Because of this, they received no settlement help and did not have same privileges or regulations that other German immigrants had in the Volga and Black Sea areas.  Settlements began between the first and second partitions of Poland with the earliest recorded in 1783 with the heaviest migrations into the area in 1831 with a second wave beginning in 1863.

Colony Group Maps 
Beresan Colonies
Bessarabian Colonies
Caucasus Colonies
Chortitza Colonies
Crimean Colonies
Dobrudscha Colonies
Early Black Sea Colonies
Galizien Colonies
Glückstal Colonies
Hoffnungstal Colonies
Kherson Colonies
Kronau Colonies
Kutschurgan Colonies
Liebental Colonies
Molotschna Colonies
Prischib Colonies
Schwedengebiet Colonies
Taurien Colonies
Volga Colonies
Volhynia Colonies
Zagradovka Colonies

Maps/Areas/Villages in progress
Belowesch Colonies
Cis-Ural Colonies
Don Cossack Colonies
Early Isolated Colonies
Mariupol Colonies
Schwaben Colonies
Siberian Colonies
St. Petersburg Colonies

Colonies by Religion
Colonies by Current Country